Sunday, February 22, 2015

Moving On to New Blog Land

I have loved writing this blog and I've really loved reading your comments and commenting back. But this is a changing time in my professional life and that change will affect my blogging life too.

I'm trying to what we now call "Re-Brand" myself. I've been known as a teacher and workshop leader for a very long time and this Publishing Sense from Alice Orr Blog was all about that identity. It was also about my previous publishing professional life as a book editor and literary agent.

Now I've finally arrived at the place where all of those previous identities were intended to take me eventually. I'm writing full time and absolutely loving it. There have been setbacks and hard knocks too but I'm loving it anyway. And - as I always admonish everyone else - I will DO IT ANYWAY!

So what I want to be known as now is a writer - specifically as a writer of Romantic Suspense fiction. I also intend to be not only a practitioner but a promoter of Independent Publishing - no longer to be referred to as self-publishing in my hearing at least. And I'm Doing That Anyway! too.

To both of those ends Book #1 of the Riverton Road Romantic Suspense Series was published on February 14th. The title of that story - Matt and Kara's story - is A Wrong Way Home and it is available at my Amazon Author Page Book #2 in the same series is titled A Year of Summer Shadows and will launch on May 15th.

All of this is spotlighted in better detail on my new website That is also where my new blog is located. It has its own page which I call "Alice Orr Blogs" in the interest of directness.

Alice Orr Blogs will continue to present the kind of posts you've found here at this site and other categories of posts as well. On that Alice Orr Blogs page I describe my purpose as follows.

"This blog is about us. The creative spirits we are. I speak of my experience. And sometimes make suggestions that might enrich your experience. Please add your suggestions too. Because this blog is also about Sharing."

This is the last time I will post here on the Publishing Sense from Alice Orr Blog. I intend to speak from that same sensibility at my new digs though from the point of view of my author self now. I hope you will visit me there. I've put up several posts already. I think they're interesting and suspect you might agree.

So come on over and give Alice Orr Blogs a try. I look forward to meeting up with you again and especially to hearing your comments and replying to them too - all at See you there. Alice

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