Monday, November 3, 2014

More Is Less -- I Hope

We all know that the way to go with book promotion these days is social media. Right?

We are also fed up to our eye bones with posts that say basically – “Buy my book.” “Buy my book.” “Oh did I mention that you should buy my book?”

Kristen Lamb has written a book herself that is the response to that fed-upness and maybe the cure for it too. She reminds us that this is Social Media not Marketing Media. The book is Rise of the Machines and every writer should read it.

Kristen tells us that the way to attract potential readers on social media is to develop social relationships with them. In other words post to them as people not customers. Post as your personal self not your commercial self. Simple but brilliant. Right?

Here’s where all of this gets personal for me. I’ve just published a book and I’d love for everybody to read it. That’s the short and I hope the sweet of my marketing message. But what about less is more? What about social/personal versus marketing/commercial?

This morning I sent out a single email blast with the link to the book’s amazon page. I made a last post on Facebook and Twitter with the same link. And I’m writing this one-time blog entry. And I promise they will be single and last and one-time. I really do. We’ll see what happens.

In the interests of full disclosure I must add that this book is probably a one off. I most likely won’t publish a memoir again (though never say never). My true writing love is popular fiction. Currently Romantic Suspense fiction. Therefore a proviso is in order.

When I publish the first title in my new romantic suspense series early next year – I may just beat everybody over the head with “Buy my book/Buy my book/I Beg You to Please Buy my Book” posts. We’ll see what happens then too.