Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pitch Perfect & Blurbalicious

My next workshop presentation – Saturday January 25th for New Jersey Romance Writers – is called Pitch Perfect & Blurbalicious. It’s about how to create a project pitch with agent-editor-reader appeal. Here’s a preview.

There are ways to optimize your chances of submission acceptance by an agent or editor and indie book purchase by a reader. There are also ways to sabotage those chances. A great pitch and a colossal blurb will help you stop sabotaging and start optimizing.

To attract agents and editors and readers to your work – you must first attract positive attention. You do that with a Perfect Pitch and a Boffo Blurb.

The perfect pitch and the boffo blurb are Powerful. That power comes from the words you use. The choice of those words is crucial.

You must choose words that have impact. You must choose words that are Intense – Powerful – Dramatic.

Such words demand attention. Such words get attention. Without such words your pitch or blurb will most likely lack the extra element that knocks an agent’s socks off – makes an editor sit bolt upright – inspires a reader to click the Buy Now button.

I do need to add a cautionary note here. These words are dynamite and you must always treat explosives carefully. The right amount gives you Fireworks. The right amount gives you Drama.
On the other hand too much dynamite gives you a misfire – or a catastrophe. Too much powerful word dynamite gives you melodrama – makes you sound overwrought.

What is just the right amount Wow Word Power for a perfect pitch and a boffo blurb? We’re talking about two or three wonderful sentences with just the right temperature degree of intensity and drama.

My prescription is four to six Wow Words per Pitch or Blurb. That’s just enough fireworks for three sentences but not enough over blast to blow up in your face.

Where do you find these words? I found mine in a thesaurus and made a list. I spent a couple of hours rolling around in words – not a bad way for a writer to occupy a morning. You can do the same if you’d like.

Or – you can shoot me an email at Ask for a copy of “WOW Words Work Wonders”. I’ll be happy to share my list with you. Or – show up on Saturday at NJRW for my hands-on in-person in-your-face version. See you there.

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