Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Passionate Appreciation is Imperative

Rejection can be a soul killer. This is true everywhere in life. The opposite is also true. Appreciation sincerely expressed can restore our belief in ourselves & everything else.

For decades I avoided the label good cook. I knew that when you become identified with a skill folks may ask you to perform that skill to the exclusion of other activities & identities you might prefer. I made a point of never perfecting either my typing or my cooking.

A couple of years ago – inspired by several internet blogs – a point of light discovered the culinary corner of my spirit & I’ve been stretching toward that illumination ever since. But never as much as during the past few weeks.

My grandchildren are with me for the summer – Maya age 15 & Julian age 10 – & boy do they love to eat. Consequently I’ve cooked & cooked & cooked some more mostly in the morning before the heat & humidity take over my small red & white apartment kitchen.

I’d have thought I’d be dead sick of that routine by now but I’m not. The grands consume my food with gusto as soon as I can get it to the table. They appreciate what I create. And that makes all the difference.

Each of us longs for our creations to be appreciated – the more passionately the better. We yearn for the gifts we make with our hands & hearts & imaginations to be gobbled up by a world that is hungry for them & feels fulfilled & nourished as they push back from our table.

Unfortunately this is not always the response we receive. Unfortunately we often experience rejection instead. We feel the sting of our gifts flung back at us & not from the heart of the hurler.

We may even add salt to those wounds by agreeing that our gifts were unworthy or at least not worthy enough. There Be Dragons. The dragons of discouragement & self doubt & the defeat of forgetting to Fall down seven times get up eight as the wise ones advise.

Here’s the antidote to all of that. Find yourself a Plethora of Passionate Appreciators. Peer groups of like-minded folks are the way to go. Seek out those like you & me & all of us who need what Karl Jung said we most crave – to be heard & understood.

The internet is an abundant resource. One perfect example is from  Suzi Banks Baum. Writer mothers write & share & are heard & understood.

Another is – an absolute cornucopia of information for those of us braving or attempting to be brave enough to brave the world of independent publishing.

There are more resources like these for whatever your priorities may be. I urge you to seek them out & to share them. In fact you can share them with me at & I will pass that bounty along to others of us in search of a simpatico tribe. I look forward to hearing from you.

By the way the main dish for tonight is my version of Uncooked Pasta Sauce over Whole Wheat Spirals. Feel free to ask for the recipe. I love to share.

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