Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Writer's Summer Camp

Every summer I could manage to do so over the past 35 years I have given myself the gift of the International Women’s Writing Guild summer conference.

Through many phases of my life both professional and personal the magic of this gathering has been there for me. I call it my Writer’s Summer Camp.

Whatever may be happening in my psyche or my circumstances I go there and I am embraced – by colleagues – by old friends and new – by fresh learning about my craft and myself.

Amidst campus green in the warmth and sultriness of summer I release the fullest exhale of my writing year and feel grateful just to be there.

We are all women. We are taught and we teach. We talk and laugh and tell our stories. We write and share our stories. It is absolutely wonderful.

This year this wonder happens from August 8th through August 12th. The 36th Annual ReImagine the Magic Conference on the lovely campus of Drew University near Madison, New Jersey just 45 minutes by train from Manhattan.

You are invited – all of you women writers and aspiring writers – and I could not possibly encourage you more strongly to accept this invitation.

Come and be surrounded as I will be by a circle of amazing women with amazing hearts and minds and souls and spirits kindred to your own.

You will listen and learn and live your writer’s life more fully because of the experience. I personally guarantee it.

And – if you are so inclined – join me in my class Loss, Lies and Characters We Love: How to Write a Novel with Agent-Editor-Reader Appeal. I’ll welcome you with open arms.

To find out more and to register go to www.iwwg.org.

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