Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Only Memoir Writing Workshop This Year

Memoir Writing Workshop with Alice Orr

Women’s Voices for (a) Change Conference
June 20-23 at Skidmore College
Saratoga Springs NY

Bring Your Real Life Story to Life on the Page

In this workshop you will tell your personal story. You will Re-member the pieces of that story, Dis-cover those powerful chapters at the center of your heart, Ex-cavate your truths from that deep place and give them voice. Your real life story is a joy and a revelation. Alice guides and inspires you toward that story. She teaches you to tell your story as it deserves to be told.

Alice Orr is a former book editor and literary agent, published in fiction and nonfiction including No More Rejections: 50 Secrets to Writing A Manuscript That Sells. Alice lectures nationally on storytelling & memoir – how to write and market both. Here is what her memoir workshop students have to say.

From Alice’s West Coast Memoir Writing Workshops
“Alice is a fabulous presenter and brings to the table a rich array of knowledge. 5-Star!’
“You opened me up to me and to my story.”
“This has been transforming.”

From Alice’s East Coast Memoir Writing Workshops
“I learned how to pressure the coal of my life to find the diamond.”
“I felt I didn’t have the courage to write my story. Today I discovered I do.”
“This will impact my writing life profoundly!!! The level of deep emotional content was awesome. Thank you.”

We are each of us butterflies with a single wing
until we become whole by embracing ourselves.

Or call (206) 714-2843 to find out more.

Go to www.LivingKindness.org to register ASAP.
Registration Closes May 15th

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