Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hey There Fabulous You

I’m about to teach my first writing workshop series in New York City in decades and I am thrilled to be doing that.

fabYOUlus You – How to Tell the Story of Your Extraordinary Self is a memoir Writing Workshop sponsored by the International Women’s Writing Guild

In this workshop you will tell the story of what it took for you to go through all you’ve been through in your life and to come out on this side of all that relatively intact.

This is an important story and a story I'm very eager to hear. It is also a story I believe many of us are ready to tell. That's why I'm teaching this series. Because the tales of our triumphant lives deserve to be told.

We will meet at Shetler Studios in Midtown Manhattan on eight Thursday mornings from February 7th thru March 28th at 10 a.m. to noon.

This will be a small class so everybody will get a chance to read what they write. If you'd like to reserve a place go to www.iwwg.org. Or to find out more you can email me at aliceorrseminars@gmail.com.

I've been leading memoir writing workshops for a few years now. You might be interested in what some of my students had to say.

From my West Coast Memoir Writing Workshops
“Alice is a fabulous presenter and brings to the table a rich array of knowledge. 5-Star!’
“You opened me up to me and to my story.”
“This has been transforming.”

From my East Coast Memoir Writing Workshops
“I learned how to pressure the coal of my life to find the diamond.”
“I felt I didn’t have the courage to write my story. Today I discovered I do.”
“This will impact my writing life profoundly! The level of deep emotional content was awesome. Thank you.”

So maybe I'll be seeing you in midtown soon. Wouldn't that be exciting? I think it would.

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