Monday, October 22, 2012

A Whole Lot of Being Nice

“What it takes is a whole lot of being nice to people.”

Once again I am inspired by Sabrina Jeffries’ uplifting breakfast talk at the New Jersey Romance Writers Conference.

Her advice was about finding reader fans. Mine is about moving even closer in and finding each other. We writers are our own most natural allies. We understand one another from the inside.

We understand what it is really like to be here now in this formidable publishing marketplace. We understand what it is really like to struggle at getting our work published and keeping it published.

We also understand how much we all need support in these hard struggles we have chosen. We understand because we need that same support ourselves.

With this understanding comes something of an obligation. That obligation is to reach out and give what is needed – a little bit of niceness to our writer friends.

All it takes is a few words in a few sentences of encouragement and kindness. Over a career these few words at a time will add up to what Sabrina inspires us toward – a whole lot of being nice.

Social media makes it easier than ever to undertake this worthy pursuit. Writer colleagues and acquaintances are right there among your Friends family and mine.

It’s as easy as one two three. One – go on Facebook. Two – find a writer. Three – message a bit of kindness especially from you.

I try to practice what I am preaching with my own one two three. One – put a smile in my words and mean it. Two – listen and care. Three – help out when I can.

Tidbits of advice tend to be my personal form of niceness shared. What is yours? Find me on Facebook at and let me know the answer to that.

More important – take a moment today to touch another writer with your own whole lot of being nice. I guarantee you will experience a whole lot of feeling good in return.

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