Monday, July 2, 2012

Value Added

I’m back to writing fiction again for the first time in years. My last novel was published before my granddaughter was born and she is into her teen years now.

Lots and lots of nonfiction in between but no fiction. Lots and lots of teaching how to write fiction and make it marketable but no writing it myself.

Now I intend to apply all of those teachings to this project. In other words I intend to add value every chance I get. Here’s how I’m doing that. Please feel free to do the same.

Beginning with the concept. This is a series project and publishers attribute added value to a series. Why? Because a series can build readership through several books. A loyal readership drawn to and hooked into characters they want to spend time with again and again.

Then there is the genre. I’m writing women’s popular fiction. First because I enjoy writing about people and relationships. There are oodles of opportunities for story struggle and conflict in relationships. There are also oodles of readers. Market potential is market value to the max.

Then there’s the execution. In other words – the text sample. I wrote the you-know-what out of the text sample. Then I wrote it again and again and again. Until I could honestly say “This is the best I can do right now.” Then I wrote it again.

Next there’s the X-factor. I added recipes. The foodie movement is huge right now. BUT I did not put the recipes themselves in the text. The dishes are in the story but the recipes are separate at the end. That way they don’t disrupt the forward momentum of the storytelling.

There are other X-factor possibilities as well. Look at what Debbie Macomber has done with knitting. Any avocation or vocation will do as long as it adds value to the story action.

Finally there’s the package. Why am I the person who should write this series? Well – setting is big in series and I lived for several years in a community very like the one in my stories. Besides I have a resume as writer/teacher/publishing pro. What’s in your resume? What should be there that you left out? Modesty is inappropriate here.

P.S. there’s the Double X-factor. I will build a promotional platform and sell the you-know-what out of these books. You’ll do the same for your books won’t you?

All of that plus me – or you – as our fabulous selves and the Triple-X factor for our projects. That equals value added that could send our personal professional math through the roof. So let’s start adding.

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