Monday, May 14, 2012

So Social

I was at another wonderful writers’ gathering this weekend. Liberty State Fiction Writers and Sisters in Crime joined forces in New Jersey for a day of learning – lunch – and laughter.

I most love these events because of the people. I am back home again in the east and that means reunions – reconnecting with writers I have not seen in years with hugs and happiness all around.

These are professional gatherings because we are all in the business of writing and publishing. And we are all trying to do that business well and better. These are social gatherings because we are a community.

I meet new folks along with the old and add them to my neighborhood of that community. You could say I am making contacts. The hugs and happiness tell me I am also making friends and always have been.

During the afternoon panel discussion the moderator asked the panelist authors this question. “How do you use social media to promote your books?”

Caridad Pineiro had good reason to seize the moment as a marketing opportunity. The Claimed – second novel in her already highly regarded Sin Hunters paranormal romance series after The Lost – is out this month from Grand Central Publishing.

But instead of pushing that book she made this response. “We need to remember that it is called social media not promo media.”

In other words – we need to stop selling selling selling in every other blog post/tweet/facebook update. I say – that is what hyperlinks to our websites are for. Selling is appropriate there.

Meanwhile in those other media we hug one another – with our humanity – with our humor – or as I do here with service to each other.

We need to believe that our books – or in my case my writing workshops – will sell as a byproduct.

We should also keep in mind that too much pushing – no matter how great the product – can push people away. And that is the opposite of what we want to accomplish.

Personally I prefer to hugs.

By the way – Caridad does her appropriate selling at

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