Monday, April 30, 2012

Now for Something Completely Different

Hey guys – it’s springtime. Fresh is in the air. So I decided to put some fresh into my writing life as well. By doing something pretty much completely different from my established regimen – and writing simply for the joy of it.

I’ve been wanting to try this for a while. Over the winter months I nudged myself in the joy direction with writing prompts. Good move. Good motivation. But it didn’t last.

On my own I could not keep the you should voices from breaking through.

You should focus on the umpteenth revision of the memoir for your agent. You should spend your time on character research for the suspense novel you know you ought to write.

It was obvious that I needed a structure for my joy initiative or I would not initiate. My puritan ethic is apparently too powerful to allow much solo pleasure seeking.

So I signed up for a writing class with a teacher who is more about soul satisfaction than submissions. Her name is June Gould and she is exactly what I needed.

She gives assignments and I do them. What total fun. I have even – dare I admit it? – penned some poetry and loved every word of doing so.

She leads me places I might/would not otherwise go. She reads work by writers I might/would not otherwise encounter. She sends me off from that inspiring place toward my own tangents.

It is all very free – and very much unlike the writing goals I set myself in stone and guilt. Usually I am all about the goal and aiming for it like a buzz saw.

But now – in spring at new beginnings time – I have lifted my saw blade for a moment from the straight line path. I marvel at the life my words take on when left to seek a level on their own.

I highly recommend it – this respite from regimen for several hours each week in rebirth season. And perhaps a summer sojourn and autumn option also.

Who knows what windswept flights of freedom wintertime might bring?

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