Monday, February 27, 2012

5 Blogging Basics & How I Got Back to Them

Most of us are doing our best to do our best at this social media thing. I’m in perpetual search mode for help and hints along the way. Recently a load of those dropped onto my path from Day 1 took me straight back to beginner time with a clear concise agenda entirely unlike my original haphazard approach. Here’s how Clear and Concise went for me.

1.      Tag It True – Find a few words that cut straight to the jugular of what your blog is about – after you’ve identified precisely what that is of course. My New Tag Line for is “a guide to giving your writing work and your writer self agent-editor appeal”. To the point – In a nutshell – On the nose.
2.      Your Passion is Your Mission – What’s the purpose of your blog? Put service to your readers at the top of your intentions. My New Mission Statement became “This site is all about passing on a wide range of practical tips and pragmatic advice for writers who want to be published or better published”. Exactly what I hope to do. Now I’ve said it.
3.      Nail the “Me” That Matters – What makes you the right person to write this blog? Why should readers pay attention and come back later for more? Selectivity reigns supreme. Tell only the tale that suits the task of your blog. My New About Me Page says “I started this blog to help writers navigate the often confusing world of writing and publishing. Most writers want to create the best work they have in them and get that work published. I have spent my professional life in publishing – as a book editor, a literary agent, a workshop presenter and a published author. My mission is to share what I have learned from those experiences with as many writers as I can reach.” No bragging tone. Not bashful either. Just the facts of who I am and why I’m here.
4.      Link ‘em Up – Make certain the above three are consistent. Together they constitute your message as a blogger and maybe beyond. Now you must link that message laterally across your social media platform. My next steps were to incorporate The Tag – The Mission – The New Improved Me into my Facebook profile then my Twitter page and finally my LinkedIn information. I made it my email signature also.
5.      Sprout Wings and Fly Far – Brainstorm all of the places you can take your new concise blogger identity. Start with adding a refined revised signature – name plus link to your blog plus tag line – to the guest blog posts you must begin writing if you’ve not done so already. Everywhere every time you sign your name make sure your blog link and tag line are tagging along. My first ever guest blog post will do just that when I write about cooking of all things – and writing too – at

We’re off to a strong start yet again. Sometimes we have to backtrack to get ahead.

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