Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Way Back In

One big disruption after another. That’s the story of most of our lives this time of year. I have no special claim to whining rights in that regard. Besides – isn’t it ungrateful to whine about fun stuff?

Like travel – which I find to be fun. Out west. Upstate. Seeing old friends. Meeting new folks. Teaching about writing. What’s not to like?

And holidays – which I’ve always found to be super fun. Around the corner. Across the continent. Being with family. What’s not to love?

Except if you’re trying to inhabit the writing life where ABCD is Always Be Courting Discipline – and E and F are Exercise Focus. Disruption is the enemy of that alphabet.

What I need – What you need – What we all need is a way back into the work. I found my way back in while I was dead center mid-disruption.

I’d neared the end of two intense days of dashing. Hotel to conference center. Workshop teaching to seminar presentation. I ducked into Christi Krug’s classroom for respite from the storm and was swept away.

She calls her technique Wildfire Writing. Free writing with form is how I describe what we did that afternoon. And it certainly lit a spark in me – a spark I can bring back to blaze any time. Especially with Christi’s 100 Writing Prompts to kickstart me from fragmentation to focus.

Flame on Demand – that’s the ticket. I sit my disrupted self down. I check my prompt list. I write like wildfire for fifteen minutes and I’m where I need to be – back in writing mode.

I don’t know if Christi shares her prompts outside her classroom. This is the stuff of her workshop after all. Go to her website at http://www.christikrug.com/ and ask. It can’t hoit.

Or come up with your own list. Brainstorm subjects that would kickstart you. Google writing prompts. Ask other writers for their most effective writing start-ups.

Whatever you choose to do – Just do it. Right now at this disruptive season. And fast – like wildfire.

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