Wednesday, September 28, 2011

On the Road with All of Us

I'd been feeling guilty about falling behind on these posts to my writer friends. Then I got it. I've been with my writer friends.

My itinerary reveals only the surface of my current west coast seminar sweep. What cities I've flown into or out of on which dates at what times.

 From New York to Seattle to Santa Monica then back to Seattle once more - in few enough days to rattle the consciousness. Maybe that's why I didn't get it till this morning.

I haven't been sweeping from place to place or even from seminar to workshop. I've been transported from writer to writer by the winds of our precious history.

I began making writer friends in the late 1970's when I first spoke my secret wish out loud. "If you could work at anything what would it be?" my husband Jonathan asked.

I was in a space between career phases at the time. I had no doubt about my answer to his question but I spoke tentatively anyway. "I'd be a writer."

That moment opened the door to many things which have enriched my life. The richest of these is my community of writer friends.

I've been enfolded and embraced as well as challenged and chided by that company. I seek them out wherever I go.

Thus in Santa Monica Mel Ryane and I met on the pier and talked and talked. The next morning on seminar day I met Pamela Samuels Young an impressive author I intend to add to my circle of acquaintance and support.

I also had a long phone conversation with Dorothy Randall Gray about another opportunity we're organizing for writers to get together.

The first Wild Women Write Weekend - October 5th through 7th of 2012. Wild Women everywhere - and anyone who wants to be a Wild Woman -- Save Those Dates! And be sure to put your email address on our contact list at

Tomorrow I head out again for the Write On the Sound Conference in Edmonds WA. For more information about that event check my website Itinerary page at

After the WOTS debut of my new memoir workshop there will be supper and celebration. Jennifer McCord and Joanne Ottness and Sheryl Stebbins and Roberta Trahan will celebrate with me - writer friends all.

Three days later back in Seattle I ferry across Puget Sound to Vashon Island - my former home place - for good chat and hearty laughter with author-humorist Mary Tuel.

Finally I speak at Seattle Free Lances - my fourth presentation for them. I'll be overjoyed to see Liz Osborne and - you guessed it - more writer friends. Then I fly back to New York..

I know what I'd do without my writer friends. I'd have a less lovely life. I also know what I won't do with my writer friends. I'll never give them up.

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