Friday, June 24, 2011

Comes the Revolution

For some of us – for me at least – it showed up too fast. We weren’t ready.  We’d counted on more time to prepare and while we were counting the storm broke over us.

Like so much in this la nina/el nino year. Floods rushed in. The wind struck. For some of us there were hailstones big as Buicks.

Next thing we knew – the landscape had been transmuted. A few familiar structures remained but not enough for adequate shelter. Mostly there was the unfamiliar – and disorientation.

What to do? What to do first? How to find out how to do it? Who to trust that they actually know what they say they know – especially if we have to pay them for their alleged expertise?

I don’t know about you but I absolutely hate looking foolish. I pride myself on being in on what’s happening – up-to-date with current information – what Malcolm Gladwell calls a maven. I take pride in all of that and pride goeth before a fall. Another observer of the zeitgeist said that.

So here’s the skinny. The challenge/prospect/unfamiliar landscape of internet marketing can make me feel way out of sync – miles behind the curve – beyond foolish into stupid.

I’m not going to mention any names but more than a few writers have confided that they feel the same. And that they/we also feel fear.

Agents – editors – our grandchildren tell us we have to get with it or we’ll wither and die and drop off the career vine. That sounds as if it could be accurate. So what do we do?

We can lay out lots of dough to those new media pros I mentioned. And believe me when I say lots of dough. There are two problems with that.

Cash flows have become cash trickles for many of us. Plus – when we hire the doing done we shut ourselves out of the know. Which means we’re out of the power circle also and that’s a precarious place to be. A place where we’ll live in dread of the wild weather I was talking about earlier.

My solution would be that we share what we do know – pass on our knowledge power instead of hoarding it. Each one teaches many.

I don’t know what form that would take. Maybe it’s happening already. Maybe right here on the web. If it is – would somebody point me and many of my overwhelmed colleagues in that sharing/happening direction asap – please?

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