Thursday, June 23, 2011

Celebrate Good Times

Be sure to celebrate each and every triumph.

You sit down in front of blank page or screen. You come up with words one after the other. You disappear into your work for an experience of time and space transcended. Upon your return to what others refer to as the real world, your words are there, set down in your own way toward your own purpose. What could be greater triumph for a writer than that?

You find a new idea or a new approach to the idea you’ve been working on or the way around a thorny problem in your writing path. These are further triumphs. You must celebrate them all in the way that for you best honors your work and your accomplishment. Yet I find too few of us remembering this.

We hardly ever fail to lend lots of time and even more energy to things that don’t feel like triumph – rejections, opportunities for doubt, times when inspiration seems to have passed us by and appreciation along with it.

Yet we too often fail to lend much of anything, especially time or energy, to lifting our hearts and inner voices in gladness and gratitude for what does feel like triumph. Times we know beyond any doubt, even our own, that we’re on the right track – or the incandescent gift of a fresh thought – or those wondrous moments when we actually appreciate ourselves.

Each of these happens for all of us at one time or another. Too often we let such bright experiences pass without much notice. Too often we take them for granted as if they were nothing particularly special. When this occurs, it is a blessing squandered and denial of a possibility for joy.

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